The Samaritan Tahini – הטחינה השומרונית

The Samaritan “Har Bracha Tahini” (טחינת הר ברכה) was founded in 2002 as a small Samaritan business in Nablus.

 The company’s factory is located at the summit of Mount Gerizim, owned by the high priest of the community and his family, and produces a raw Tahini (טחינה גולמית) from pure sesame, which is imported from Africa.

Over the years, It has become one of the best-known Tahini (טחינה) in Israel, and even won several times, the first place, in the tasting test of the best chefs in Israel.

In recent years, In recent years, the extent of its export has been growing beyond the borders of Israel, and it can be achieved in European countries such as London, Germany, Austria and more.
On the company’s website, you will find recipes, and distribution points in Israel and abroad.

Enjoy It !!!

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