In close connection with the passover is the feast of Matzoth.
This festival begins with the end of the Passover sacrifice with the baking of the unleavened bread for seven days. During these seven days the families visit one other on mount Gerizim, singing ,drinking, praising god. 

 During these time period is the first pilgrimage of the year to the Holy sites on the top of the mountain. On the last day, at one in the morning the Samaritans start  their prayers in the synagogue. Two hours later they ascend the mountain singing and praying, passing all the sacred spots. The first stop, on climbing the mountain, is the place ,which according to the the Samaritan tradition ,was the place where the community came to accept the High Priest from the lineage of Pinhaes, for the feast pilgrimage. 
The first station, on the mountain, is the place of  The Twelve Stones (Deut 27:4). The second station is the place of  the Entrance of the Hill , the following  station is the site of the Altar of Adam, right in front of the ‘Universe Hill’ (The Everlasting Hill) (Deut 33:15). The next station is the place of Altar of Seth  which is also th place where Abraham saw a ram in the clump (Gen 22:8). The next halt is the place of the Altar Of  Issac (Gen 22:5).


The next station, is  the place of  the Altar of  Noah, after these six stations, they returning  to the place of The Universe Hill”  ,which according to the tradition ,was the place where the “Mishkan” (The Palace Of  God).
Late in the morning, women and children join the crowd of  worshippers. At the end of  the day they return to their homes, to a festive meal. 


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